Information Technology Consulting
Our team oriented consulting approach focusing on identifying technical solutions that balance functional capabilities with business requirements. Utilizing our unique TCO methodology, we carefully consider how technology, applications and processes can be combined to tailor a business solution that optimizes your business objectives.

Our ERP software analysis and design services utilizes that same holistic approach to optimize client productivity, all while maintaining a sharp focus on the necessary investments. This integrated approach minimizes the software selection cycle and tailors solutions that allow you to build only what is necessary. MWGS associates are project leaders and senior technical consultants with significant systems and business process improvement experience.

A sampling of the services we provide include:
• Architecting infrastructure design from a business perspective
• Comparisons of technology and business strategies to ensure alignment.
• Integration or migration of existing IT components (hardware, applications, platforms) into the new IT architecture as well as customizing solutions.
• Pre-implementation business requirements analysis.
• Software selection services that reduce the number of systems to be reviewed and promote meaningful demonstrations from Software vendors,
• Business process analysis to streamline delivery processes and facilitate change to new applications,
• Business applications and software product evaluations

Our goal is to deliver solutions that optimize financial and human resources to provide positive returns on your investments. We are committed to fulfilling our role as your trusted business advisor.

Business Process Consulting
Do your processes lack consistency, predictability or reliability? Are your operations dependent on a few key employees making things happen? Are creative cost cutting opportunities limited by insufficient time to focus on new processes and procedures? These questions routinely arise in dynamic, growing organizations, which we can address from a small company to Fortune 50 perspective. Our service offerings provide a framework for management to quickly assess their current state, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and properly plan and implement changes into the future.
• MWGS brings decades of business process design experience to the table including process mapping, workflow analysis, and operational requirements, allowing us to develop and document a future state design and transition plan that can be easily understood and implemented.
• Identify opportunities for improvement through a diagnostic review of current business processes, systems, and internal controls, and, in cooperation with Management, determine whether they add value and contribute to profitability.
• Identify, through a gap analysis, areas that could be strengthened. Provide Management with best practice recommendations that reinforce key decision-making processes.
• In conjunction with Management, assess areas that are “quick hit” or long term redesign efforts, and provide corresponding implementation strategy.
• Efficiently and effectively manage and drive the improvement process. Including the standardization and simplification of processes, end-user training and change management objectives as required.
• Implement key performance indicators (KPI’s) that measure the effectiveness and continued impact on profitability and/or productivity. These measures help provide assurance that your investments continue to benefit the organization well into the future.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Business continuity management and contingency planning are essential for any organization. From the initial assessment of the underlying risks and potential impacts of disaster, a sensible business continuity plan creates the guiding principles for bringing your operations back on stream as quickly as possible. Information technology, as a component of the overall plan, plays a significant role in mitigating risks. Our methodology encompasses the entire organization, keying on business impacts and recovery procedures. Our Continuity Plan services include:
• Business Impact and Risk Analysis;
• Contingency Planning;
• Information Technology Disaster Recovery;
• Ongoing maintenance and testing:

Our goal is to provide your organization with the tools necessary to mitigate the risks associated with an unfortunate business event. Your plan, while providing for your fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders, will be the springboard for resuming your business operation. Our service professionals can assist you in your assessments and compile a plan that meets your strategic needs.

Personnel Skill Assessments
Focusing primarily on business and financial personnel, MWGS employs an internally developed methodology to interview, assess and evaluate personnel, with a primary focus on aligning those identified skills with the organization’s current and future requirements. Our assessment process utilizes proprietary software that helps analyze the organization’s assessed skills, and compares them with similar skill set requirements in the marketplace.

After the initial analysis is completed, we work with the appropriate management teams to reconcile identified skill gaps, align business requirements, and collaborate on developing training and development for employees as necessary.

Network and Systems Security
Security issues continue to be a key component of risk mitigation efforts. MWGS offers security services at the network level, as well as at the application level. Coupled with our IT Compliance audits, we focus on identifying weaknesses in the control structure, and provide recommendations to remediate. Stolen data, confidential information, key technology research; what preventative measures has your company taken to mitigate your risk of loss?

Initially, we offer Level 1 Security assessments through highly trained and experienced security professionals. This assessment allows us to quickly assess your security posture and rate it according to accepted Industry Standards. You discover what works, and what needs attention. It also provides the baseline for future security assessments, which allows measurable progress to be identified and tracked.

Level 2 and 3 services are also available through one of our trusted partners, including scans and assessments of your infrastructure (servers, firewalls, switches and routers). Vulnerabilities are flagged and actionable recommendations are provided based upon interpretation by our experienced analysts. If needed, assessments of your desktops and workstations can also be performed.

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